2 day manual handling practical skills trainer course

This practical skills trainer course will enable delegates to deliver effective and engaging manual handling training to colleagues. The course is highly practical and delegates will learn a range of handling and dynamic risk assessment techniques, as well as how to effectively train and support colleagues. We will customise the course to your organisations specific working environment and handling activities. Prior to the course, our trainer will undertake a review with you to identify the manual handling risks and develop a tailored course accordingly.

This course will:

  • Outline the legal responsibilities of employers and employees as stated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Provide delegates with an understanding of functional anatomy, cumulative strain, the causes of back injuries and the impact injuries can have on people’s lives
  • Equip delegates with a range of training techniques to effectively communicate the effect of cumulative strain and injury to colleagues
  • Work through several dynamic risk assessment exercises with delegates, ensuring competence and confidence in the technique and the ability to train this on
  • Teach delegates various handling techniques such as pushing and pulling, semi-squat, team lifting and the management of awkward loads, using items they handle in their organisation
  • Provide delegates with course notes and delegate handouts as well template risk assessment forms, lesson plans, course assessments, attendance sheets, feedback forms and record of training to ensure they have all they need to implement a robust risk management strategy

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