Our Trainers

Our nationwide training team is made up of a range of subject matter experts with comprehensive industry experience. Certified Skills’ trainers have a minimum of 5 years experience as qualified instructors, appropriate qualifications in their field and all have experience at developing and delivering customised training courses.

All of our trainers maintain their qualifications through annual continual professional development and all subscribe to their appropriate professional governing bodies.

Certified skills consistently measure our trainer’s individual performance through our training feedback matrix. We monitor 100% of the feedback from course delegates, course organisers and peer reviews to maintain an up to date trainer rating. This rating enables our Training Director to regularly assess the performance of our training team and identify any development requirements at the earliest possible indication. This training feedback matrix is an innovation that sets Certified Skills apart from conventional training organisations and allows us to continually ensure our clients receive training from high performing, demonstrably effective and closely monitored trainers.